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Minister Alexandre de Moraes, president of the High Electoral Court (TSE), said this Sunday afternoon (2) that the election was taking place within normal limits. “Disputes happen in all elections. We occasionally have cases of resolved problems, such as voters voting twice in Lisbon. But, in general, the population showed democratic maturity and elections went smoothly, under normal circumstances”, said Moraes at a press conference in Brasília.

The TSE president said that the fact that several polling stations in Rio de Janeiro are currently registering the biometrics of some voters, who are not yet registered, does not necessarily lead to more queues. He also said voters welcomed the new rules on cell phones, which cannot be taken to the voting booth, and there were no complaints about the ban on carrying guns.

The minister also commented on a document released by the PL, the party of President Jair Bolsonaro, released on Wednesday (28), which criticized Brazil’s electoral system. “TSE claims that it is a liar and a fraud, so much so that [o PL] is responding to a question. The deadline for responses is approaching. We’ll find out who did it, how it did it and who paid for it. And pay for fraud. These, in addition to election crimes, are common crimes and will be investigated. I have no information from the OT, whether to do some kind of check. The OT, like all parties and all oversight entities, including the Armed Forces, has full access to the Ballot Box [BU]as well as anything [pessoa] from people”.

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