3 Million Volkswagen US-Canada Consumer Data Allegedly Stolen

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Automotive manufacturers Volkswagen (VW) reported at least 3 million consumer data allegedly stolen data from outside companies or vendors working with car makers. However, the company did not mention the name of the vendor in question.

The data contains basic contact information containing a driver’s license number (SIM), email address, telephone number and in some cases vehicle number.

With these findings, Volkswagen claims to have reached 90 thousand consumers in the US, most of whom are Audi consumers who have sensitive information.

“We regret any inconvenience this may have caused to our current or potential customers,” VW AS said in a statement CNN, Saturday (12/6).

VW explained that the stolen data also contained data from people who only asked about the purchase of Audi or VW vehicles that had been collected between 2014 and 2019.

The personal information data has been collected and stored for marketing purposes, and is left in the submit which is not safe.

For this reason, VW asks consumers to continue to be careful in the midst of rampant abuse of the cyber world.

“As always, we advise each consumer to remain vigilant for suspicious emails or other communications that may prompt consumers to provide information about themselves or their vehicle,” said VW.


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