44 Rattlers earned National Scholar Awards

Winner of the Rattlers National Scholar Award

Jordan Biaaar, Basketball

Rustu Koorulu, Basketball

Kai Siang, Basketball

Zach Olson, Basketball

Alia Boulanger, Basketball

Hannah Fischer, Basketball

Hailey Hoffart, Basketball

Kristie Johnston, Basketball

Bryanne Jones, Basketball

Janine Jonker, Basketball

Morgan Novik, Basketball

Nylah Seaborn, Basketball

Abby Watson, Basketball

Pvoer Gill, Trail Running

Raya Grover, Cross Country Running

Justin Jaeciar, Trail Running

Harrison Lawson, Trail Running

Cheldynn Molnar, Trail Running

Rebecca Ross, Trail Running

Gaoe Smith, Trail Running

Brannon Sumner, Trail Running

Johnathan Bartman, Golf

Arlind Musliu, Football

Vinicus Vieira Camoos, Football

Ross Wilder, Football

Madalyn Harpell, Football

Madeleine Heese, Football

Billy Bews, Volleyball

Brady Burkitt, Volleyball

Owen Clarke, Volleyball

Josh Penner, Volleyball

Will Shea, Volleyball

Hailey Adams, Volleyball

Emily Berringer, Volleyball

Kennedy Bloomfield, Volleyball

Campbell Bosch, Volleyball

Cassidy Burns, Volleyball

Anica Haberstock, Volleyball

Olivia Jacobsen, Volleyball

Malea Kletzel, Volleyball

Zaira Miller-Shackleton, Volleyball

Ella Nichols, Volleyball

Keira Rutten, Volleyball

Montana Wright, Volleyball

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