56-year-old Canadian writer dies after crashing into a tree in Guarapari


05/31/2021 19:14:50

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Canadian writer Michel Brulé, 56, died after hitting a tree on his bicycle on his way down from Buenos Aires, in the mountainous region of Guarapari.

56-year-old Canadian writer dies after crashing into a tree in Guarapari

Photo: Roberta Bourguignon

Michel lost control of the vehicle around the corner. Before hitting the tree, he still hit the signpost. He fell into the bank on the way. The Fire Department was called, rescued the body, and found that the author was dead.

Michel’s brother, mechanical engineer Martín Brule, 52, and the victim’s brother-in-law were at the scene and, shaken, waiting for the Civil Police hearse.

Michel Brulé has been living for several months in the Buenos Aires area. He did not participate in the city bike group. His brother, who has owned lodging in Buenos Aires since 2012, said his family lives in Canada and Michel came to Espírito Santo to spend a season. I live in the inn.

steep slope

The death of the cyclist caused a commotion in the city, because every day hundreds of cyclists back and forth in the mountainous area of ​​Guarapari pedaling their bicycles.

“The ups and downs of Buenos Aires are different pedals for those who practice cycling. This death scares us, because we don’t know if he lost the brakes, if he lost control of the bike in the corners. Because of the steep descent, it is dangerous”, said cyclist Bruno Alves.

Firefighters and Military Police remained on site to manage traffic. Michel Brulé’s body will be sent to the Legal Medical Department (DML) in Vitória.

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