A Canadian Family Found Adrift in the Lingga Kepri Sea

TANJUNGPINANG, KOMPAS.com – Four foreign tourists waver in the waters of Lingga Regency, Riau Islands Province (Riau Islands), Tuesday (1/2/2022).

Four foreign nationals (foreigner) The Canadian was rescued by fishermen.

The four foreign tourists are one family, namely an adult male named Gruening Jeremy Graham Benjamin, an adult female named Gruening Tasha Adina, and two daughters named Gruening Tefarah Amnika and Gruening Seneika Jada.

The incident occurred when the four tourists departed from Port Dickson Malaysia to Bativia Jakarta, using a sailing yacht called Gitana.

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However, when crossing the waters of Lingga Regency, the sailing yacht suffered engine damage due to water ingress.

The condition of the ship’s engine is still alive, but does not have strong power to continue the journey.

Gruening Jeremy Graham Benjamin had time to try to fix it. But unfortunately his efforts were not successful.

With the condition of the ship, they tried to reach the nearest island.

Luckily they were found by fishermen from Lalang Island, Lingga Regency.

The tourists’ families were then taken to a resident’s house on Lalang Island.

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Receiving this information, the Tanjungpinang SAR Team and the Joint SAR Team moved to the Lingga Waters to carry out the evacuation process.

“The victim is in good health and safe,” said Head of Tanjungpinang SAR, Slamet Riyadi.

The travelers were then brought in by a joint team. However, the evacuation process for the Gitana ship is still being postponed because they have to use a tug boat.

“According to the foreigners, the repair process can only be done in Jakarta,” added Slamet.

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