A Canadian who wants to die because he is “poor” obtains a certificate allowing him to undergo euthanasia

A retired Canadian who asks for euthanasia because he fears being homeless moved back doctor’s approval🇧🇷 Les Landry, 65, says he wants “being poor” is a factor that pushes him to want to end his life with the help of a Government of Canada program.

In front of expert medical evaluators, Les said he asked for medical assistance in dying (MAID, its acronym in English) because “unable to live comfortably”🇧🇷

A doctor has given one of two signatures needed for Les to end his life, although he acknowledges that financial hardship – not illness – is the primary reason for the plaintiff’s extreme decision.

To finally be officially euthanized, the Canadian needs the positive opinion of a second doctor🇧🇷 Les said he would seek to find another specialist willing to sign his death warrant, the Daily Mail reported.

Photo of Amir Farsoud: Reproduction

The case resembles that of Amir Farsoud. In October, he applied to the same program. The 54-year-old Iranian immigrant, who lives in government housing in St Catharines, Ontario, fell into despair after learning that the property, which he shares with others, would be put up for sale. Amir then, fearing he was homeless, he asked to be euthanized🇧🇷 But Amir abandoned the idea after a crowdfunding by an unknown party raised more than 60,000 Canadian dollars (about R$235,000) for the Iranian.

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