A firefighter died in one of the fires that have devastated Canada for weeks

A firefighter died Friday in western Canada, while extinguishing the scene of one of the “massive fires” that have devastated the country in recent weeks, Canadian authorities said Friday.

This is first firefighter death since the start of Canada’s historic fire season, with More than 900 fires are currently active, including more than 570 uncontrolled fires.

“It is with great regret that our union mourns the loss of a family member, who died while fighting the fire around Revelstoke“, in British Columbia, said the union BCGEU.

HI the last firefighter to die during fighting in that Canadian province that’s in 2020.

The federal police and the province’s health and safety agency start an investigation.

A “heartbreaking” death.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau warned this Friday that the situation in the country continues to persist “very serious”regret a “heartbreaking” death.

We must never forget the risks these heroes faced they run whenever they encounter danger,” Trudeau said.

Fires in Canada

In the country, the number of fires continues to increase, especially in the western region, where fires have been recorded in just a few days. several hundred firesmostly triggered by thunderstorms.

A British Columbiawhich recently ordered new evacuations, requesting help from an additional 1,000 international firefighters.

But that’s too much the difficulty of obtaining additional firefighting resources“, explained Cliff Chapman, spokesman for the provincial fire brigade, Thursday.

“This is a very dangerous job. The conditions we are experiencing make it even more dangerous for our society working 14, 16, 20 hours a day trying to do everything to keep these fires away from strategic areas,” he added.

And the situation is not going to get better “Hot and dry weather is expected in the coming months”BCWS’ Sarah Budd warned AFP: “We don’t expect any respite from this weather.”

With 9.7 million hectares have been consumed by fires burning across the country – that is 11 times the average of fires in the last decade – the absolute annual record of 1989 has been largely exceeded.

HI the eastern and western parts of the country were affected simultaneously and some provinces not used to fires were also affected.

Only one of the forest fires ravaging northern Quebec has resulted in a fatality more than one million hectares.

Canada, which is due to its geographical location warming faster than any other region on the planetin recent years it has been faced with extreme meteorological events whose intensity and frequency have increased by climate change.

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