A white dolphin was spotted near the coast of Vedia, where the Russians may have used it for fishing

Photo by Jorgen Ree Wiig (AP/Scanpix).

Norwegian authorities reported on Tuesday that a white dolphin had washed up near shore, which was observed for the first time in northern Norway in four years, almost 2,000km to the north.

It was the first time a tame dolphin had approached a Norwegian ship near the island of Ingoya in four years. The island is 415 km from Murmansk, where the Russian Northern Fleet will be based, reports the BBC.

He was found with a GoPro camera mounted on him with the rank of St. George. Petersburg on it.

Norway’s domestic food agency launched an investigation, and then the BBC reported that dolphins were the fastest way to train Russian soldiers.

in 2019, the Russian reserve colonel, Colonel Viktor Baranec, said: Do you think if we used animals for spying, we would attach a cell phone number with a message that we could call that number?

Olav Lekve, representative for the Directorate of Fisheries, said that in recent weeks a white dolphin associated with the Russian fishing fleet was swiftly swimming several kilometers before reaching the waters off Norway’s west coast.

According to him, the dolphins were seen near the town of Lisail, which is north of Gothenburg, Sweden’s second largest city. Vedic authorities have not yet commented.

Last week, a ship was found in Oslo’s inner fjords. The Directorate of Fisheries appealed to the public to avoid contact with these animals to ensure their safety and welfare.

Norwegians call the white dolphin Hvaldimir, combining the Norwegian word hval, meaning whale, and the Russian name Vladimir.

The Directorate also pointed out that Hvaldimir was in danger of being tied up, as there are more yachts in the fjord than the poor who want to see the Norwegian capital for a short time aboard the massive American aircraft carrier USS Gerald R. Ford.

In the inner Oslofjord, we have not received any messages that would cause confusion, O. Lekve said in an email to the AP news agency.

According to him, the Norwegian authorities also do not want to talk about his origins.

According to Lekve, dolphins are considered a protected wild marine animal in Norwegian waters, and the Norwegian authorities are rejecting all inquiries and are planning to capture them.

In 2019, a mysterious white dolphin was found in a harbor near Norway’s narrowest passage, becoming a local attraction. The dolphins are so comfortable in the crowd that they swim to the pier and collect the plastic flowers that are thrown into it.

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