A young Medicine Hat motocross racer is invited to the Arizona Supercross

“I got into motocross because my dad told me about him racing before bed, and then I would sleep and think about racing. Then one Christmas my dad gave me a dirt bike and then I started racing on it,” explains Owen.

An event last month proved Owen’s skill, by being invited to the Glendale Arizona Supercross.

Owen and his family had to apply to race. Applications are assessed based on rider skill, school grades, physical conditioning and previous racing experience, and from thousands of applications Owen is shortlisted.

His travel expenses were paid for, and he got new equipment from sponsors.

With the support of his family, the eight-year-old completed his first professional track in front of thousands of spectators.

Owen said “my family gave me a lot of support, even when I fell and crashed, I always thought that I could pick myself up and start racing again.”

His father emphasized that his main coaching goal was to keep his son safe on the track. He also uses his professional experience to guide his coaching.

“Because of my long history with racing, it was easy to point him in the right direction, and let him develop as an athlete,” said Cory.

The former national champion said he was proud of his son, but wanted to let him choose his own path with motocross.

“Again we are not pushy parents so we tend to let it happen if he chooses this and likes to keep doing this we will support him, like any other parent, and we will do our best. ,” he has stated.

For now, Owen seems to be enjoying competing and training several times a week at the Medicine Hat course.

“I hope to stay competitive until I’m 36 or older and then I’ll buy a few clubs,” said Owen Rarick.

Golf was a backup after he finished motocross.

Owen and his father planned to tour the southern Alberta series and several US races over the summer.

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