Adventure in NATOstan – sparks fly in Ibiza and Bilderberg infiltrates Lisbon

With the G7 leaders stuck in a sticky quagmire of intellectual superficiality, predictably, colonized Japan’s only agenda was more sanctions against Russia.

By Pepe Escobar.

Let’s start with a graphical representation of the actual position of North and South.

1. Xian, former imperial capital and hub of the ancient Silk Roads: Xi Jinping hosts the China-Central Asia Summit, with the participation of all the “stans” of the Heartland (Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan). (Heartlandthe heart, is a geopolitical term for Central Asia, etc.)

The final statement emphasizes economic cooperation and “a resolute stand” against color revolutions engineered by Hegemon. It builds on what the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO) and the Belt and Road Initiative (BRI) are already implementing. In practice, the summit seals that the strategic partnership between Russia and China will protect Heartland.

2. Kazan: The Russian-Islamic World Forum brings together not only religious leaders but also high-level businessmen from no less than 85 nations. Multipolar Russia continued alongside the Arab League summit in Jeddah, which welcomed Syria into the “Arab family”. Arab nations are unanimously committed to ending “foreign interference” for good.

3. Hiroshima: Ever-shrinking G7, actually G9 (adding two unelected EU bureaucrats), imposes a single multiple sanctions agenda on Russia; more weapons for the black hole Ukraine; and more learning about China.

4. Lisbon: The annual meeting of Bilderberg – a NATO/Atlanticist party – takes place in a not so secret hotel which is completely closed. First item on the agenda; war – hybrid and otherwise – against the “RICs” in the BRICS (Russia, India, China).

I could have been in Xian, or most likely in Kazan. Instead of honoring an earlier engagement, I was in Ibiza so I gave up on flying to Lisbon as a waste of time. Let me share the reason with you: call it a little Balearic tale and break the brand promise that what happens in Ibiza’s swinging, sweaty deep house stays in Ibiza.

I was the guest of a major business meeting – mostly Spanish, but also Portuguese, German, British and Scandinavian: very high-level executives – in real estate, asset management, banking of investment. Our panel was entitled “Global geopolitical changes and their consequences”. Prior to the panel, attendees were asked to vote on what most concerned them about the future of their business. The first was inflation and interest rates. Number two was geopolitics. This gave rise to a very lively debate.

When an EU hagiographer goes crazy

Little did I know – and the audience – that it was going to be a wild ride. The first presentation came from the director of a “Centre for European Policy” in Copenhagen. She describes herself as a professor of political science and adviser to the EU’s chief gardener, Borrell. (A hagiography is the tale of a saint, etc.)

Well I ingested one cheshire catattitude after this tsunami of clichés vomited on “European values” and bad Russians, in addition to being “terrified” by the future of Europe. Immediate relief was at least provided by impeccable diplomacy Lanxin Xianga charming personality, always with a cheerful smile on his face, and one of the very few leading experts on China who actually knows what he’s talking about, in fluent English.

Lanxin Xiang, among other accomplishments, is Emeritus Professor at the Graduate Institute of International and Development Studies in Geneva; director of the Security Policy Institute of the Chinese National Institute for International Exchanges of the SCO; and Executive Director of the Washington Foundation for European Studies. This is a column I wrote about him and his work, published in October 2020.

Professor Xiang was able to deliver a masterful presentation of America’s obsession with framing a “Taiwan problem” and how Europe, already under pressure from America’s proxy war against Russia, must be very cautious when lecturing China.

When it was my turn, I went to the throat, dismissing all those EU press releases as pure bullshit, pointing out how Europe was already being eaten up by well-known “American interests”. As briefly as possible, I explained the whole geopolitical context of the war in Ukraine.

Well, it’s all been delivered to top businessmen who use The Economist, Financial Times and Bloomberg as their primary sources of information. Their reaction says it all.

Predictably, the EU-paid bureaucrat was thoroughly exhausted, screaming in indignation, completely missing the script, going from threatening to walk off the stage to accusing me of being “paid by the Kremlin”. I simply asked him to “contradict me, with facts”. No facts were given. Just anxiety and confusion, mixed with hints of cancel culture.

To his credit, the very experienced moderator, Struan Robertson of Bank of America Merrill Lynch, kept things civil, allowing more time for Lanxin Xiang to explain the Chinese way of thinking and open up a number of good questions.

In the end, the public loved it. Many have come to thank me personally for information they will never have access to in El Païs, Le Monde or The Economist. A minority in the room were simply stunned – but our debate must have at least got them thinking about a lot of preconceived ideas.

It is all the credit of the main organizers, Jose Maria Pons and program manager Cristina Garcia-Peri, to host such a debate in the fabulous Ibiza of Spain which is the first territory of NATO. In the current situation, that would be completely impossible in France or Germany, let alone Scandinavia or the demented Baltics.

There is no way to counter the fabricated narratives spouted with parrot-like certainty by EU-paid trolls and bureaucrats, except to ridicule them – straight ahead. They become furious and can barely stutter when their lies are exposed. For example, one of the questions from the room, by a prominent German businessman, sparked a lament of dark facts about Ukrainian ‘democracy’ which is absolute forbidden In Eurocracy.

G-Less Than Zero panic

What happened in Ibiza corresponds to what happened in the American atomic bombing of Hiroshima – the hegemons do not apologize – and in the locked hotel in Lisbon.

With the G7 leaders stuck in a sticky quagmire of intellectual superficiality, colonized Japan’s only foreseeable agenda was more sanctions on Russia – imposed via third countries and on companies in the energy and military industries. ; more weapons for the black Ukrainian void; and a ridiculously counterproductive new obsession with inflating China’s “lockdown” and so-called “economic coercion.”

In the photo ops, moreover, what appears is not a shrinking G7: but a warmongering G9, artificially reinforced by the pathetic couple of unelected Eurocrats, Charles Michel and Pustula von der Lugen.

In terms of the actual world majority – or the global South – it looks more like a G below zero. The more the senseless and illegal sanctions wars “spread”, the more the absolute majority of the countries of the South are distancing themselves from the collective West, diplomatically, geopolitically and geoeconomically.

And that is why the main agenda of the Bilderbergs in the locked Lisbon hotel was to renew NATO/Atlanticist coordination in a war – hybrid and otherwise – against the BRICS push; The RICs (Russia, India, China).

There were other items on the menu – from AI to the acute banking crisis, from “energy transition” to “fiscal challenges”, not to mention the familiar “American leadership”.

But when you put people like Stoltenberg from NATO in the same room; Director of US Intelligence Avril Haines; Thomas Wright, Senior Director of Strategic Planning for the National Security Council; Goldman Sachs Chairman John Waldron; head gardener Borrell (whose rabbit was in Ibiza); Vice President of Brookfield Asset Management, Mark Carney (one of their managers was also in Ibiza); Supreme Allied Commander Europe, Christopher Cavoli; and Canadian Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, among other Atlantic accomplices, the plot is obvious:

There is war against the multipolar world. At least we can dance away in Ibiza.

This article was published by Strategic culture:

Adventures in NATOstan: Sparks Flying in Ibiza, Locked Down Bilderberg in Lisbon

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