After being removed from the media, Monark announced his return and praised the conservative platform; check

Posted on 03/23/2022 at 4:59pm Screening/Youtube Bnews ruang newsroom

Even after being fired from the Flow Podcast presentation, for apologizing for Nazism, youtuber Bruno Aiub, known as Monark, is back in the media. The influencer took advantage of social media last Tuesday night (22) to celebrate the end of his ‘vacation’.

“My vacation is over, get ready, I’m back, now with more freedom than ever,” he wrote, referring to YouTube’s “censorship” after the Nazi speech.

While not officially confirming his new job, the youtuber shared a post from Canadian platform Rumble. This site, which is similar to Youtube, has a right-wing conservative attitude, “There is a platform that respects freedom of expression and will not censor anyone,” said Monark.

Netizens immediately took a stand against the possible return of the influencer. “Man, no matter what platform you use, breaking the law, violating the constitution, hurting morals: evil Understand this, for God’s sake, it will be better even if you are away from the internet for life,” wrote one follower.

“The freedom you always have, what you don’t have is the responsibility for it. What you want is to say what you want without consequences. Not here, honey!”, wrote another netizen.

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