Angry China, US destroyer and Canadian warship transit in Taiwan Strait

Bisnis.comJAKARTA–Military China condemn United States of America and Canada for each sending warships through the Taiwan Strait, saying their provocations threaten peace and stability in the region.

China claims to democratically rule Taiwan as its own territory and has sent air force missions repeatedly to Taiwan’s air defense identification zone (ADIZ) over the past year, sparking anger in Taipei.

China sent about 150 aircraft to the zone over a four-day period starting on October 1. The move has further escalated tensions between Beijing and Taipei that have sparked international concern.

The US military said the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer USS Dewey sailed through the narrow strait separating Taiwan from neighboring China along with the Canadian frigate HMCS Winnipeg on Thursday and Friday over the weekend.

“The transit of the Dewey and Winnipeg ships through the Taiwan Strait demonstrates the commitment of the United States and our allies and partners to a free and open Indo-Pacific,” the US military statement was quoted as saying. TheGuardian.comMonday (18/10/2021).

The Chinese People’s Liberation Army (PLA) Eastern Theater Command said its team continued to monitor the ships and was “on alert” throughout their voyage.

“The United States and Canada colluded to provoke and cause trouble. This move seriously endangers the peace and stability of the Taiwan Strait,” the PLA said.

Taiwan is part of China’s territory. PLA troops always maintain a high level of vigilance and resolutely resist all threats and provocations.

US naval vessels transit the strait almost every month, angering Beijing. China accuses Washington of stoking regional tensions. US allies have occasionally sent ships through the strait, including Britain last month.

Despite tensions in the Taiwan Strait, there has been no shooting down and the Chinese plane has reportedly not entered Taiwanese airspace. They concentrate their activities in the southwest part of the ADIZ.

Within Taiwan’s territorial airspace, the ADIZ covers a wider area that is monitored and patrolled by Taiwan which acts to allow more time to respond to any threats.

Taiwan’s Ministry of Defense said yesterday that three Chinese aircraft, two J-16 fighters each and one anti-submarine aircraft, returned to the ADIZ area.

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