Anitta introduces her boyfriend to family and she’s gone in the ‘spoilage’

in Portugal, Anita rented a house to bring his family and new girlfriend, Murda Beatz, together. Music producers have the opportunity to meet relatives of singers, such as uncles, cousins, among others.

In the Instagram story, “Poderosa” shares how the interaction was between them and how they managed to communicate, because her boyfriend is Canadian and doesn’t speak Portuguese. Additionally, he points out a joke his uncle made with the music producer.

Uncle asked Murda Beatz if he would exchange 20 Canadian dollars for 20 reais. Unaware of the dollar’s exchange rate, the singer’s boyfriend changed and ended up walking away with a loss.

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“Look at my uncle! He exchanged twenty Canadian dollars for twenty reais! Look at that! He took it and said: ‘swap twenty for twenty?’. And he believed! The blow was dealt,” said Anitta in a video published on Instagram Stories. “Now he only knows how to say: ‘I have no money,’” he added.

Later, Anitta, who was touring Europe, revealed that she brought the whole family to explore the continent: “It made this family’s dream come true to come to Portugal! My mother has come, but now the family has made her dream come true. When I brought my mother, I still didn’t have the money to bring all these people here, there were a lot of people.”


Anita saw being the target of speculation in regards to her love life after claiming she was dating and caught leaving Brazil at the airport next to a mysterious gringo, and it seems the mystery is finally over.

On Sunday, June 12, Valentine’s Day, the singer appeared with his beau in bed, openly assuming the boy. Strong crush is Canadian and called Murda Beatz, and she is a music producer.

In his Instagram Stories, the artist interacts with a boy in Portuguese, who uses the app to translate what the artist is saying to him in the video. Very cute, right?

“Good morning. Today is Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Where is my gift? I want a gift,” she said, as she answered “yes” and “thank you” while continuing to ask for special congratulations.

Later, she wrote a beautiful text declaring herself to the boy, apart from explaining everything she liked about her boyfriend and what qualities fans should look for in a romantic partner.

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“Valentine’s Day in Brazil. Don’t settle for less than someone who treats you like a queen every day (not just when the callus kicks in and they’re about to miss you). Date someone who makes you feel like the most amazing and unique woman in the whole world, who respects who you are and isn’t trying to change a thing.”

“Who supports you, who admires you, makes you move forward with your dreams. That you don’t care about what you have done or stopped doing, that you care about today. Indicate everything that is important to you. May you accept your flaws, ”wrote the singer.

“Date someone who lets you walk around knowing that you are loved and idolized like a goddess. Because we deserve nothing less than that. Happy Valentine’s Day, Murda Beatz”, concluded Anitta, truly in love.

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