Anti-Islamophobia: Should Indonesia Learn Pancasila Values ​​from Canada?

Even though Canada is a secular country they are firmly anti-Islamophobia

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, By: Anwar Abbas, Deputy General Chairperson of MUI

Everyone understands, Indonesia is not Canada. But there is nothing wrong with this nation learning from the country, especially in matters related to efforts on how we can coexist peacefully in the midst of the plurality that exists among its people. This includes matters related to religion.

Canada is a secular country. But even so Canada can teach us about how we should live in harmony and peace with others. For this reason, according to them, so that we can realize a harmonious and peaceful life, among the people there must be mutual trust, trust and mutual respect for the religions and beliefs of others.

Canada does not have Pancasila where the first and foremost precept is Belief in One God. But they have taught us how to apply Pancasila values ​​to life, where they do not allow the presence of suspicious citizens, let alone hatred and hostility towards existing religions.

They made this policy because they saw the existence of tyrannical and inappropriate practices that had been carried out by the parties both in their own country and in other countries against Islam. So that in order to create a life of justice, their leader, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, has taught us and the world by showing his noble attitude and views about the need for the Canadian people to end Islamophobia in the country he ruled.

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Trudeau emphatically said that “Islamophobia is unacceptable”. Period. Therefore he said: “We must end this hatred as soon as possible and make every community in his country able to live more safely especially for everyone who has declared himself a Muslim. .”

In order to realize his sacred mission, Trudeau will appoint a Special Representative whose task is to fight Islamophobia in his country.

So by looking at the facts and circumstances that exist there, it seems that Canada even though they don’t have Pancasila, their behavior seems very Pancasilaist because they really respect and respect God and the religion of their people.

How about us? I think we all know what the problem is, so all of us are certainly able to answer it.

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