anything in customary lands will only be done if Indians agree

The police chief added that his party had no doubt that the local community wanted the activity to be carried out in their area.

President Jair Bolsonaro guaranteed this Saturday, 12th, that all types of mineral extraction on customary lands will only be carried out with the permission of indigenous peoples. The police chief added that his party had no doubt that the local community wanted the activity to be carried out in their area.

“I want to be clear: anything will only be done on customary lands if the indigenous people agree. I was there in the village of Flexal in Roraima, in the (reserve) Raposa Serra do Sol. I landed there in our helicopter, and they already knew about the (project) business. They are well informed. And they want it because they will get royalties on it. In other words: people want to progress”, he told reporters after attending an PL affiliate event in Brasilia.

According to Bolsonaro, the natives, “when they were brought into our midst”, began to see the miracles of Medicine and other things happening in Brazil and wanted to be included. “And it is increasingly integrated into our society”, he evaluated.

The president recalled that the federal government launched the National Fertilizer Plan this Friday and that the chamber’s president, Arthur Lira, was very sensitive to issues of exploitation of mineral resources on indigenous lands, even knowing that there was, for example, potash, outside the original nature reserves. “But this project allows, by setting two provisions of the Constitution, you can, for example, have a hydroelectric power station in the Cotingo River valley in Roraima.”


In conversations with reporters, Bolsonaro emphasized that Brazil remains on good terms with Russia at a time when there is a war led by President Vladimir Putin against Ukraine. The proof, according to the chief executive, is the country’s decision to continue selling fertilizer to Brazil. This Saturday, the Minister of Agriculture, Tereza Cristina, left for Canada to look for new suppliers of potassium and other inputs for domestic agriculture.

The president was asked if the government was considering sanctions against Russia. “Listen, whatever action we are going to take goes through Itamaraty and our representatives at the UN. That’s a good question,” he said.

Bolsonaro recalled that he traveled to Russia shortly before the start of the conflict and that he spoke for more than two hours with Putin on various topics. “The most important thing is the fertilizer issue. We voted twice at the UN and everything was fine between us and Russia. So much so that there are no trade barriers in terms of fertilizers for us here in Brazil”, he disparages.


The President also commented that Brazil even managed to get a Russian businessman to buy a urea manufacturing unit in Três Lagoas, Mato Grosso Sul. Local activities will be “full of spirit”, according to the president. “It will soon start producing urea here in Brazil as well,” he said.

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