Are There Really Alien Traces Found in the Snow?, JAKARTA – Strange but true, there are large traces of findings. Is that a trace foreign? When viewed using a drone, a trail appears on the snow pile.

Turns out, the trail was made by a married couple. Maritimers in New Brunswick, Canada, during the winter full of piles of snow. There are couples who spend hours creating patterns that sometimes disappear in the blink of an eye.

“I love geometry and the amazing things with mysterious crop circles that we see around the world,” said John Panopoulos, who was quoted by CBC on Monday (21/2/2022).

Panopoulos and his wife, Charmaigne Letourneau, moved to Cap-Pelé from Ontario. Panopoulos wanted a new environment to sculpt and Letourneau was from Campbellton.

In February, Panopoulos glanced out his window and was surprised to see how the snow-covered lake near their house looked like canvas.

“I thought, ‘let’s take this opportunity with this lake, with the snow, and let’s do something out there,'” Panopoulos said.

“So I thought about drawing those two crop circle elements and I took out my compass and I started drawing on paper,” he added.

The design is 30 meters in diameter and took about two hours to complete. Panopoulos said there needed to be a starting point. “We have a rope (and) one person standing in the middle and another person walking around.”

Letourneau is an accountant and the two came to the project with different styles.

“Being an accountant, one plus one equals two, and it’s like, going with the flow. And for me to let go and follow, I was, like, ‘No, no, we’re going to do it perfectly,’” Letourneau said with a smile. laugh.

The couple, who did the art of snowshoeing for the first time, said it was a great form of cardio and poses a challenge for people to try it.

Very experienced

At Riverview, snowshoe art also became famous after the townspeople invited two Nova Scotia artists to complete the design of the Riverview Winter Carnival.

Matt Robinson of Truro and Sheldon Benoit of Debert spent nearly four hours creating the 30 meter long design.

However, this isn’t their first time at a snowshoe art rodeo. They had done designs like this about five times before, but this one presented a different kind of challenge.

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