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A 32-year-old Canadian woman wakes up from a nap in an actual horror movie. Nesh Pillay in October last year discovered memory problems that made him think he was 17 and erased important people from his story, such as his young daughter and girlfriend, Johannes Jakope.

According to information from the British Vehicle Mirror, Nesh woke up unable to consolidate his short term memory and with a huge blank space in his life, as his last memory was from the end of high school.

Still according to the publication, every minute the Canadian’s memory is being reset, a fact that left him very confused at first.

Nesh believes he hit his head somewhere before taking a nap and lost his memory. Later, neurologists confirmed that the patient had a concussion – a brain injury that disrupts the functioning of organs temporarily or permanently.

This type of trauma, if it occurs separately, does not pose a great risk to humans. However, Nesh suffered at least five concussions in his lifetime, the first being reported at the age of 9 in a car crash in South Africa.

“I’ve had four or more concussions since then, each more serious than the last, and each triggered by an ever-increasing number of blows to the head. Unfortunately, the brain remains an enigma to medical science. Concussions rarely appear anywhere [exame de] pictures, and even though we know the symptoms, we can’t predict the outcome.

movie story

Just like in comedies As if it was the first time, Johannes has to earn Nesh’s love and trust again and again. With the Canadian’s gradual recovery, the interval at which memories are restarted has progressively increased, making the boyfriend’s mission “easier”.

“Many people compare our history with As if it was the first time […] and I saw a common ground – despite everything, I fell in love with her every second and I will love her for the rest of my life,” said Nesh.

“[Johannes] certainly deal with the trauma of forgetting him. I think it will take some time. We are both committed to prioritizing our mental health, so we have separate therapists and take time to talk to each other about our feelings in an open and nonjudgmental way.”

Apart from Johannes, the Canadian forgot about his 6-year-old daughter, whom he started calling “kid”. Even though he is afraid that he will not know how to take care of the girl, he admits that he always pays attention to the welfare of the little one.

While recovering from problems caused by multiple concussions, Nesh was able to retain the memories of Johannes and his daughter.

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