At 75, the Canadian becomes the oldest man in the world to plant bananas – 05/14/2022

A Canadian became the world’s oldest man by planting a banana tree aged 75 this week. Tanios Helou, from Deux-Montagnes, in the region of Quebec, Canada, joined the Guinness World Records last Wednesday (11).

According to the record books, Tony, as he is known, had the performance recorded on October 16, 2021, when he was 75 years and 33 days old, “in an effort to show off to the family and prove that it is possible to achieve great things at any age”.

Also according to the Book of Records, the Canadian has always been a health-conscious man and an exercise enthusiast. At 55, he started investing more in training and running every day, also doing sit-ups and planting banana trees on the wall.

He quickly took a liking to the act. “He started practicing wherever he could: at home, in the park, and in front of his family and friends,” the publication reports.

Entry into the book was encouraged by her daughter, Rola Helou, after a few exhibitions in a park. “We were having a picnic and he took my new bike for a ride, but the difference is he planted a banana tree while he was doing it,” she says.

“I’m not too shy to plant bananas,” Tony joked in an interview with Guinness. “My father loves the attention he gets as an old man planting a banana tree, people usually react with euphoria,” confirms his daughter.

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