Avril Lavigne talks about agreeing to perform at Rock in Rio: ‘It’s exciting and very special’ – Entertainment

Avril Lavigne is one of the attractions confirmed in the 2022 edition of the Rock in Rio festival.

In an interview with Forbes, the Canadian singer talked about having been accepted to play on the show. “People are going crazy. And it’s really nice and special to still have a fan base there that is so solid and lasts for so many years,” said the star.

Avril also commented on her closeness to fans, which was enhanced with the help of the internet: “Because of social media and being able to see my fans’ comments, I can feel their passion and how much they want new music. They express themselves so much on Instagram and Twitter, where I can see everything. And I feel it, even though I’m not in the same country as them. That’s why I like social media, because I can connect with my fans.”

The singer also reflected on his own efforts and the dedication of fans: “To be honest, I attribute all of this to my work over the years, to my tours. To my tours of these countries and my dedication. And they [os fãs] always so dedicated. I have dedicated my life to music, but I often think about how special and unique it is to have that life. I am very happy.”

Avril will be performing at Rock in Rio’s Sunset Stage on September 9. The singer is releasing, next Friday (25), the album Love Suxfeaturing single Bite mewith Travis Barker, and Love When You Hate Mea duet with Blackbear.

Check out the clip below Bite me.

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