Avril Lavigne to the topless protesters: – Go!

PROTEST: This woman jumped on stage during an awards ceremony in Canada on Monday and disturbed Avril Lavigne (th).

Pop artist Avril Lavigne, 38, was about to introduce an artist to her hometown in Canada when a bare-chested woman suddenly burst onto the podium.

The incident occurred during the Juno Awards in Edmonton on Monday night, and video footage of the incident was shared on social media.

There you can clearly see and hear Lavigne say, as she tries to push the woman away:

– Go.

But Lavigne’s outburst didn’t come until she had spent some time trying to finish her speech without noticing the naked interruption.

Website Popcrave is among those who have shared the video on Twitter:

It was only when the woman stood up and posed behind him that the pop artist finally lit up.

The audience applauded and screamed as Lavigne asked uninvited stage guests to flee. Lavigne repeated:

– Stay away, bitch.

A security guard then removed the protesters from the stage.

ENVIRONMENTAL COMMANDER: The unnamed woman is an environmentalist.

Canadian site Jam reported that the woman, who was not named, staged the action to demonstrate against government construction in the Greenbelt region of Ontario.

He has the words “Save the Greenbelt” and “Land back” in large letters across his body.

Greenbelt is a protected area in the form of cultivated land, forests, rivers, lakes, shallow water areas and drainage areas. The fact that the authorities are now eager to begin the process of building extensive housing in many of these areas has generated much debate in Canada.


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