Banana Bowl: 18 years have six semifinals of the top 50

Nishesh Basavareddy from United States.

Photo: Luiz Cndido/CBT

Criciúma (SC) – The level of competition at the 52nd Banana Bowl was high in Criciúma (SC), where Latin America’s largest youth tennis tournament is played. With this Thursday’s results, six tennis players who have made it into the top 50 of the world rankings have qualified for the semifinals of the 18 year old category – the main competition. The duel that deserves a place in the decision will be played from 11:00 this Friday.

In the men’s group, Peru’s Gonzalo Bueno (7th in the ITF) faced Slovenia’s Bob Artnak (28th) in the semifinals. On the other side of the bracket, North American Nishesh Basavareddy (82nd), last week’s Brazil Juniors Cup champion, faces Russia’s Yaroslav Demin (33rd). Basavareddy is coming off 11 straight wins on a tourney tour across South America.

Among the women, top favorites for the title, Victoria Mboko of Canada (13) lost in the quarter-finals to American Ahmani Guichard (134), who is now dueling fellow Canadian Annabelle Xu (50) for a place in the final. Another clash was between American Qavia Lopez (29) and Czech Lucie Havlickova (43).

Brazilian players fall in doubles quarter-finals
In the men’s doubles, Luis Felipe Miguel and Victor Tosetto are eliminated in the quarter-finals by Americans Aidan Kim and Cooper Williams by 6/0 and 6/2. In the women’s, Olivia Carneiro and Maria Turchetto got a double 6/0 to Slovakia’s Irina Balus and Nikola Daubnerova. Poland’s Ana Candiotto and Malwina Rowinska were beaten by Czech Lucie Havlickova and Serbian Tijana Sretenovic 7/5 and 7/6 (7-4).

Brazilian players dominate the 16 year age category
While the 18-year-old category earns points for the ITF world rankings, in the 16-year-old category young people compete to advance to the South American Cosat rankings. At this age, Brazil dominates, with four athletes among the eight semifinalists. Gustavo Almeida, leader of Cosat, from Paraná, faced Luiz Silva of São Paulo, while Enzo Freitas of São Paulo faced Ramiro Toninelli of Argentina. In the women’s category, the only Brazilian player to qualify for the semifinals is Yasmin Costa of São Paulo, who will face Peru’s Gabriela Pimentel.

Thursday Results

18 years old – Female

Qavia Lopez (EUA) d. Kayla Cross (CAN) 67 64 76

Ahmani Guichard (EUA) d. Victoria Mboko (CAN) 62 64

Annabelle Xu (CAN) d. Nikola Daubnerova (ESL) 60 62

Lucie Havlickova (TCH) d. Luca Udvardy (HUN) 62 62

18 years old – Male

Nishesh Basavareddy (USA) d. Paul Inchauspe (FRA) 61 64

Drill Artnak (ESV) d.Peter Privara (ESL) 63 57 60

Yaroslav Demin (RUS) d. Hayato Matsuoka (JAP) 61 63

Gonzalo Beuno (PER) d. Lautaro Midon (ARG) 67 63 63

16 years old – Male

Gustavo Almeida (BRA) d. Thiago Drozdowski (PAR) 60 62

Luiz Silva (BRA) d.João Lago (BRA) 62 75

Enzo Freitas (BRA) d. Luis Nakamine (PER) 60 62

Ramiro Toninelli (ARG) d. Alex Vera (PAR) 36 64 60

16 years old – Female

Valentina Arias (COL) d. Vitoria Campigotto (BRA) 57 75 60

Yasmin Costa (BRA) d. Valeria Amorocho (COL) 62 64

Francesca Bunikowska (PER) d. Luana Paiva (BRA) 67 64 63

Gabriela Pimentel (PER) Dr. Gabriela Felix (BRA) 63 26 76

14 years old – Female

Micaela Pleuss (PER) d. Rivoli Rock (BRA) 67 61 60

Sabrina Balderrama (VEN) d. Amalia Sierra (COL) 62 61

Victoria Barros (BRA) d. Luiza Pereira (BRA) 60 61

Maria Uribe (COL) d. Camila Contreras (CHI) 06 60 61

14 years old – Male

Dante Pagani (ARG) d. Pedro Dietrich (BRA) 62 62

Andy Kepche (CAN) d. Alejandro Castellanos (COL) 64 76

Pedro Chabalgoity (BRA) d. Alvaro Alonso (PAR) 62 64

Francisco D’Amorim (BRA) d. José Guimarães (BRA) 76 61

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