What’s the least you can expect to pay for a website? The most?

Investing in a website for your company or organization should be an essential aspect of your marketing strategy. But how much of an investment will it be? Only you know how much you are willing to invest, but know that websites can vary greatly in cost, depending on the provider you work with, how many pages are needed and what sort of features are required.

In this article, we will focus on how much we at Tempo Web charge for what is known as a brochure website. We will also touch on ecommerce websites. Brochure websites highlight your services, values, history, may feature a blog and allow users to contact you through a contact page or form. Ecommerce adds functionality for the user to make purchases through the website. Finally, we will break down the ongoing costs you can expect to incur to keep your website online and secure.


The One-Pager

The one-pager is a great choice for a company, organization or individual who wants a strong, professional web presence but prefers to provide their potential clients with the bulk of their sales pitch in-person, over the phone, or over email. The necessary information is employed on one easy to consume web page that gives the user an overview of your services or product followed by a strong call-to-action. This option is often best fit for those who work in a service-based industry where a more personal, face-to-face consultation is necessary to decide if the user is a good fit for your services.

Many of the features that come with a more substantial investment are included here, such as consultation and strategy, a custom design mockup, custom coded website, pre-launch checklist and launch of the website. The main difference is that we provide a single-page design mockup which is developed after approval rather than a set of mockups and pages.

Additionally, if you have a bloated website with an unnecessary number of pages, you may be able to trim it down to one easy to consume page. The content on your website should speak directly to your target user without overwhelming them. This is one of the benefits to a one-pager; you will be forced to refine your content to the most potent and focused message.

This option lands in the $1500-$2000 range, depending on your specific requirements.


The Multi-Pager

With the multi-pager option, you get all the custom components of the one-pager but are provided with multiple design mockups and pages, along with the extra polish that an increased investment affords. This is a more fitting option if you are looking to have a deeper web presence and showcase more of what users can expect from your services or product. The benefit of having additional content is that more of the weight of selling customers is placed on the website. It is also much more beneficial if you are interested in Search Engine Optimization, which will rank your website higher in a Google search for keywords relating to your service or product.

Some things to consider when thinking about how much you are willing to invest are:

  • Amount of content and pages: For each page with a unique design and layout, we create a new template. This template can be used to house content on multiple pages, but every unique layout requires a new template.
  • Polish and optimization: We always make sure that you are happy with the final product, but a more substantial investment from you affords us supplementary time to spend on strategy and planning along with additions such as animations or further mobile optimization.
  • Ecommerce: More on this in the following section, but if you are wanting to sell anything through your website, additional time is needed

If your services or product has clearly defined categories or target markets, a multi-page website is a great route to take. With a strong user experience, meaning the ease at which a user can navigate your website, you are able to funnel your traffic to the appropriate areas of your website, increasing your conversions.

This option lands in the $2000-$5000+ range, depending on your specific requirements.

The Ecommerce Website

If you sell products or are planning to make transactions on your website, you will need ecommerce integration. Users will be able to browse through your products online, add them to their cart and check out through a payment page. The ecommerce integration can be rather basic, such as a few products with a simple checkout, or something much more complex like a large online storefront that creates customer accounts, assigns reward points and offers special discounts. Make sure to contact us about your specific needs as ecommerce integration can vary greatly depending on your requirements.

Ecommerce websites can be rather simple, only selling a few products, or they can be extremely complex and filled with features. This variability lands ecommerce websites in the price range of $2000 and up.

Which option is best for you?

The question of how much a website is worth depends on the value you place on your digital presence and how much money you are willing to invest. The type of website that works best for you relates more to your services or product. If you rely more heavily on selling your customer in person rather than over your website, then a more minimal web presence may be your preferred option. If you want to let your website handle more of the sales effort, then a multi-page or even ecommerce solution (if you sell a product online) is likely a better fit.

In addition, there are some general rules you can follow when thinking about budgeting for a website. For example, if you do not have at least $1500 for a website, then going with an agency to build you a custom website is likely not the best option – there are DIY website builders you can use, but they generally come with subscription fees and you of course need to build the entire website yourself. Where do you see most of your leads coming from? If many of your customers ask about a website or how they can find you online, it is definitely worth considering making a solid investment.

A website can be exceptionally beneficial to your business. It is the hub of your digital presence, so understanding what sort of investment you are willing to make is very important. Make sure to contact us to see how we can assist with finding the perfect website option for you.

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