Bnews · Céline Dion’s sister says the singer is ‘expecting a miracle’ in her health

Since discovering stiff person syndrome, which often causes muscle spasms and even affects the vocal cords, Céline Dion has kept a low profile and been out of the spotlight. However, the singer’s family updated their health status through several interviews.

And this time, the artist’s sister claims that Céline is waiting for a miracle to recover from her illness. According to Claudette Dion, frequent and intense seizures occurred in the owner of the hit song “My Heart Will Go On”.

“It’s a disease we know very little about. There are spasms that are impossible to control. You know when someone jumps up at night because of a cramp in the foot or calf? It’s a bit like that, but in all the muscles,” he said, in an interview with Canadian magazine Hello “There’s not much we can do to support him, to ease his pain.”

Currently, she lives in Las Vegas with her children and sister, who divides her life between the United States and the Canadian province of Quebec. “She did everything to recover, she is a strong woman. What a relief for all of us to be by Célice’s side”, he said. And he added: “we hope researchers can find a cure for this terrible disease.”

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