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The voice adapts easily to the rhythm. Even tired after a hard training at Sesc-Flamengo, Brie King sings as if she were on stage. The Canadian setter has learned to divide between two passions, music and volleyball. As he leads the Rio de Janeiro team to Superliga evolution, he doesn’t give up on the songs he’s already recorded along the way.

Sesc-Flamengo lifter also stands out as a singer

Canadian national team setter Brie King is taking her dream of pursuing a career in music seriously. Last year, he released his first album, “First Things First”, available on major streaming platforms, with seven songs that alternate between pop and country, a strong rhythm in North American culture. Although she is concentrating on volleyball for the moment, the player intends to impose herself on stage when she leaves the courts.

– I want to make music. I like to be creative. That’s my goal, to do this for the rest of my life.

Brie King is split between stage and court — Photo: Reproduction

The teammates approve. Gabiru, Sesc-Fla spiker, says Brie lets her voice out whenever she can.

– Always, when she is stupid, she sings. And we look surprised. When I sing, nobody does it for me. When she sings, you can see the vocal difference there.

But, before pursuing her dream in music, Brie tries to evolve in volleyball. At 25, he is a reference for the Canadian national team. His main reference is his sister, Lauren, who also defended her country’s team. Scantily dressed, he followed in her footsteps to make his way inside the courtyard.

Brie King evolved with the Sesc-Flamengo team — Photo: Guerreiro photography

At the last World Cup, played in the Netherlands and Poland last year, he was one of the strengths of the team. At Sesc-Flamengo, he made his first experience in Brazil. Before, he had already crossed countries such as France, Germany and the United States. All this to fulfill the dream of participating in the Olympic Games.

– My volleyball style is to play aggressively and try to help my teammates do the best they can. I want to be the best player possible and always learn. And my biggest goal is to participate in the Olympics.

Brie King released an album last year — Photo: Playback

Brazil appeared as a way of evolution. The chance to train with Bernardinho, one of the most successful coaches in the world, also came in handy. As soon as he arrived in the country, Brie quickly adapted to the climate and the heat. “I love the beach, I love the sun. I really feel at home here. Even more than in the cold,” he says.

After a period of adaptation, Brie grew with the team. Sesc-Flamengo have evolved in the season in recent months: they have risen in the Superliga standings and reached the semi-finals of the Copa Brasil. All in the middle of a good relationship with the rest of the group.

– I like my teammates. Our group is special. There are different types of personalities, different types of girls. And together, we are a very beautiful family, we really feel like a family. I think everyone is getting to know each other well now. I feel very close to each of them. And above all, I really like being with them. It’s fun to work hard with them, but also every moment when we travel or between training. I really like being with all of them.

Brie King in action for the Canadian National Team — Photo: Reproduction

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