Calgary Rath defends title at Canadian National ringette championship

Calgary Rath had to wait three years to defend their ringette title, but on Saturday, Rath made it official.

The Calgary ringette team won their second consecutive national title, lifting the trophy thanks to a 5-1 win over Edmonton Wham in the championship game, in front of a happy hometown crowd at 7 Chiefs Sportsplex.

“It’s a pretty big deal to win back-to-back, and especially at our home arena and (in front of) the crowd in his hometown,” said Ann Sauve, “so it must be really exciting.”

Victory at national level capped off a perfect season for Rath, a dominant team who had not tasted defeat all season.

So what makes this team so good?

“It’s definitely an experience,” said Lindsey Geddes. “Our young players are so ready to learn from everyone and they are great… and then our coaching staff is just amazing. (We have) probably the best four coaches the sport has had, so we are very lucky to be coached by them.”

The championship was very special to Rachel Grant. He had been with Rath for eight years, but had to miss the 2019 championship due to school exams.

“It was a really great experience,” Grant said. “Being able to compete with the girls I’ve played with since I was about five years old, a lot of them, as well as just being able to win in front of the crowds in his hometown is pretty incredible.”

Next year, Rath will look much different, with veterans like Geddes and Grant calling it a career.

“This is my ninth season,” said Geddes, “so it feels like it’s about time … I’m enjoying every second.”

“Like I said pretty real,” Grant added. “It’s just incredible – exactly how I can imagine the end of our retirement.”

Rath will be in good hands, however, with players like Sauve returning.

“I think I’ll hang on for a bit,” said Sauve. “I’m fairly new to the program, so I’m hoping to bring what they bring from the younger players, so I’ll be around for a bit.”

Overall, it was a very successful National Ringette Championship for the Calgary team. Calgary Surge won a bronze medal in the U16 division and Calgary Raid won a silver medal in the U19 division.

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