Call of Anonymous Hackers World Cyberwar Brush Russia and Putin

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia

Russia not only met resistance from land, air and sea. The country will also be under attack from cyberspace.

One of them is cyber warfare using Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) techniques, or cyber attacks by flooding a site with “bogus” traffic so that it cannot be accessed.

An anonymous group of hackers claims to continue to damage computer systems in Russia, targeting Russian news agencies, local private media, government systems, financial institutions and other important facilities.

However, the hackers will not interfere with facilities directly related to Russian citizens such as power plants. This cyber war is expected to weaken Russia in cyberspace.

One Twitter account with the name “anonymous” which has 7.4 million followers invites the world’s hackers to attack Russia. In addition, anonymous accounts also attack the personal data of President Vladimir Putin.

Downdetector reports that many websites in Russia have been compromised and cannot be accessed. Russia’s news agency RT confirmed the Kremlin website and websites were offline.

The malfunctioning of sites and computer systems in Russia is thought to have been caused by anonymous hackers who flocked to paralyze computer systems in Russia.

White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain said US President Joe Biden would create an unprecedented new coalition.

He declined to comment on the question of whether Biden would take concrete military steps against Russia.

“What has been brought together is an unprecedented coalition, NATO plus our European Union partners, the UK, Canada, Australia and Japan, to do two things, namely to provide all the assistance and implement unprecedented joint sanctions against the country. as big as Russia,” said Klain.


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