Canada accuses Russia and China of election interference

Prime Minister of Canada. Justin Trudeau accused Russia and China of trying to interfere in his country’s democracy and called for a new investigation.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Monday announced a series of actions, including the appointment of an independent special rapporteur, to shed light on alleged Chinese interference in the last two federal elections.

The reporter who will soon be appointed will carry out a mission “make expert recommendations to protect our democracy”, Justin Trudeau said, adding that he had also appointed two commissions to investigate foreign interference.

The announcement comes at a time when opposition parties have been calling for an independent public inquiry into the matter for several days.

One of the special rapporteur’s first tasks is to advise the government on the next steps it should take, including the possibility of holding public consultations.

“Whether it’s an investigation or a review, we will comply with their recommendations,” Trudeau said, calling the attempted interference “concerning” and “serious.”

The prime minister also instructed deputies and senators on parliament’s national security and intelligence committee to launch a new special investigation into foreign interference in the election.

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