Canada imposes sanctions on Putin, defends Russia’s exclusion from SWIFT system

Canada has imposed sanctions on Russian President Vladimir Putin, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed on Friday, advocating excluding Russia from the SWIFT financial transfer system to complicate financing an invasion of Ukraine.

The third package of sanctions against Russia also has an impact on Russia’s Foreign Minister, Sergei Lavrov, Justin Trudeau said in a statement to reporters.

For Canada’s prime minister, the world is witnessing the “horror” of the war that Putin has decided and assured that Canada is willing to put “all options on the table” to end the invasion of Ukraine.

Regarding Putin and Lavrov, the head of the Canadian government pointed out that “these people bear the ultimate responsibility for the death and destruction that is taking place in Ukraine”.

The Russian president must pay for the end of 75 years of peace in Europe, he added.

Justin Trudeau detailed that the target of personal sanctions against Putin was “sizable wealth” controlled directly by Russia’s head of state and hidden through intermediaries.

“Canada, Britain and other countries believe that Russia should be removed from the SWIFT system and these discussions continue with European allies,” he said.

Faced with the reluctance of some European countries to exclude Russia from the SWIFT financial transfer system, Trudeau argues that Putin cannot benefit from the system that “peace” has created in Europe in recent decades.

“Putin made a serious mistake” by invading Ukraine, Trudeau said.

Canada’s head of diplomacy, Mélanie Joly, said the aim of the sanctions was to “freeze the Russian regime” and that, for that, Western countries should use “creative methods” to exert maximum pressure on Moscow.

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