Canada Limits Its Own Opportunities by Imposing Sanctions on Russia

Russian Ambassador to Canada Oleg Stepanov told the Russia-24 TV channel on Friday (4/1) that even opportunities in the field of innovation will be disrupted.

“Ottawa, by imposing sanctions on us, is limiting its own horizons for cooperation, above all, including in the area of ​​innovation. A recent example: Canadian authorities need small modular reactors for green transition and nuclear energy development. They don’t have their technology. themselves so they will buy overseas. They are turning to America, and it is very expensive, and the technology is not perfected yet. They can look to us, they will find a solution,” the diplomat said.

Canada finds promising business opportunities in Russia. So that when the country tries to implement anti-Russian, many things will be to their own detriment. So far, trade turnover between Moscow and Ottawa has continued to rise.

“Our trade turnover with Canada grew, last year grew by more than three-quarters of the previous year and largely due to our exports,” said Stepanov.

He said that Russia was always open to cooperation, especially since the two countries share a common approach in agriculture, fisheries, mining, advanced energy development and information and communication technology.

Russia-Canada cooperation in the Arctic must stay out of politics, Stepanov said, reminding that Canada-Russia are neighbors to the North. The task facing both countries is the adaptation of Russia and Canada as the largest northern countries to climate change and other issues.

“This also includes handling natural disasters, managing natural resources, preserving biodiversity, developing national parks and nature reserves,” he explained.

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