Canada responds with sarcasm to Russia’s “humanitarian” proposal at the UN

“HIThanks to the UN Russia Mission for your letter of 16 March. See our suggested edits below,” the Canadian delegation wrote on Twitter, sharing three pages, filled with notes, suggestions and requests for clarification, edited in red, from a letter from Russian diplomacy defending Russia’s proposed resolution.

The original Russian letter begins with the sentence: “I am contacting you regarding an urgent matter related to the dire humanitarian situation in and around Ukraine.” In the commented version of the letter, the Canadian mission reads at the end of the sentence: “ENTER: ‘which we have caused as a result of our war and unlawful aggression'”.

In about 30 edits and suggestions made, Canadian authorities referred to the bombings carried out by Russia on Ukrainian hospitals and maternity hospitals, the blockade of humanitarian corridors, attacks on civilians and referred to the draft “humanitarian” resolution that Russia wanted to convey. as a “with zero logic” document.

“Do you believe UN members really believe this?” reads another note from Canada.

The Russian letter urges UN countries to put aside political positions in order to “make all possible efforts to minimize the humanitarian consequences for the civilian population in Ukraine”. However, according to Canada, Russia’s request is unreasonable, since it is Russia itself that is most vulnerable to attack.

The resolution will ensure safe travel to countries outside Ukraine, especially for medical personnel and vulnerable populations. Comments: How would you explain Russian troops besieging cities, preventing civilians from escaping, denying humanitarian corridors and looting aid? Please explain, Canada wrote.

The Canadian delegation ended its note with an alternative and sarcastic ending to the Russian letter: “By asking you to co-sponsor the ridiculous resolution we have presented to the Security Council, (…) we want you to know how little we care about the human lives we have destroyed. in Ukraine and how much contempt we have for you members of the United Nations and for all these institutions.”

Russia’s ambassador to the United Nations, Vasily Nebenzya, said today he would not take his draft “humanitarian” resolution on Ukraine to a vote on Friday, a project diplomats say is “condemned”.

“We have decided, at this stage, not to ask for a vote on our bill, but we are not withdrawing the draft resolution,” the Russian ambassador said in remarks to the UN Security Council.

At the same time, the US ambassador to the UN, Linda Thomas-Greenfield, said she was “for a moment pleased” to learn that Russia had withdrawn from voting on their “ridiculous humanitarian resolution, destined to fail”.

Russia’s “humanitarian” resolution on Ukraine was seen by some diplomats as “hypocrisy”, given that Russia itself caused this “illegal war”, and due to lack of support, the project would fail.

Albanian Ambassador Ferit Hoxha said the Russian resolution was “the biggest hypocrisy, the size of Russia”, and “should be in the Guinness Book of Records”.

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