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Venezuelan passport — Photo: Mariana Bazo/File Photo/Reuters

Canada announced this Monday (19) that they will accept Venezuelan passport expires. With the move, the country recognized a decision by Venezuela’s self-proclaimed interim president, Juan Guaido, which extended the validity of these documents by five years.

“Venezuelan passport holders who wish to travel or live in Canada can now continue to use their passports if it expired less than five years ago or is about to expire“, the Canadian government said in a statement.

The move was taken, among other things, because Venezuelans living in Canada find it difficult to renew their passports in view of that diplomatic crisis between the state and Nicolás Maduro’s regime (read more at the end of the report).

“Canada recognizes the decree issued by the Venezuelan National Assembly on June 7, 2019 to extend the validity of Venezuelan passports,” the Canadian government said.

Like Canada, the United States announced, in June, recognition of expired Venezuelan passports. Brazil adopted the same measure in early August, after the commitments signed by 11 Latin American countries last September in Quito.

Size not change the visa rules – Venezuelan citizens still need to obtain a visa to enter certain countries such as Canada and the US.

Canada supports Guaido

Self-proclaimed interim President Juan Guaido speaks during a demonstration against Nicolas Maduro, during celebrations for the 208th anniversary of Venezuela’s Independence, in Caracas, on Friday (5) – Photo: Reuters/Manaure Quintero

“Canada remains deeply concerned about the political and economic situation in Venezuela, which is critical and in the process of deteriorating,” Immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen said in a statement.

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