Canada’s Best Sniper, Guardian, Killed by Russian Sniper in Ukraine?, JAKARTA – There are many news about death on social media sniper Canada’s best named Guardian in Ukraine. He reportedly died during the Yavoriv bombing as reported by Theancestory.comWednesday (16/3/2022).

Hailing from Canada, Guardian landed in Ukraine on March 4, 2022 with three other former Canadian soldiers and a large contingent of British veterans.

Reportedly, he had left Poland and had been placed in a renovated house before joining the Ukrainian military and other fighters.

However, there has been no confirmation of Wali’s death. The rumors seemed unfounded. At the same time, a missile attack was launched on the Yavoriv region, where the Guardians were stationed.

News of Wali’s death spread on Twitter, prompting speculation that it was Chinese propaganda spreading rumors.

In Indonesia, news of the sniper’s death was leaked by @SoftWarNews on Wednesday (16/3/2022). The account regularly updates the war between Russia vs Ukraine.

It is known, Wali is a pseudonym. He asked to be addressed by the code name given to him in Afghanistan, in case former KGB strongman Putin discovers his true identity and attempts to harm his family in Quebec, Canada.

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