Canada’s Brantford Mosque Introduces Islam Closer

The Brantford Mosque is always open to anyone who wants to visit and ask questions.

REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, BRANTFORD — The Great Mosque of Brantford in Canada held a open house last weekend. In this activity, visitors can tour every corner of the mosque environment and obtain various information about the Islamic world.

Brantford Mosque Imam Abu Noman Tarek said open house organized by the mosque seeks to provide information to non-Muslims about Islam. In addition, this activity also aims to make the Muslim community closer in establishing relationships with other religious communities.

“It’s not just about people who don’t know about Islam, it’s also about Muslims learning about their neighbors. It’s a dialogue,” Tarek said, as reported by Brantford the Expositor on Tuesday (26/10).

This annual event has been held for the ninth time. Tarek said the doors of the Brantford Grand Mosque were always open to anyone who wanted to visit and ask questions.

Tarek gave an example of the hit-and-run incident that occurred earlier in the year in which four out of five Muslim family members were killed in London, Ontario. So it becomes important for communication to overcome the misconceptions some people have about Islam.

“Islam is portrayed as something very foreign, but we feel just as Canadians as Muslims do. This is something that goes together comprehensively,” he said.

Tarek said Islam promotes tolerance, peace, love and coexistence. She said open house is an opportunity for people of all backgrounds, religions, races, genders and cultures to meet, share food and get to know one another.

Members of the Brantford Muslim Association contribute to society in many ways, including donations to the Brantford food bank and other local organizations.

As in Canada’s holiday celebrations some time ago, members of the association gathered on the sidewalk in front of the mosque to distribute water to people participating in a solidarity action walk in memory of the children who died in a Canadian residential school.

“We knew it was going to be a warm and sunny day and we knew there would be a lot of people participating in the trip. We want to help and decide the best way to support people is to share water. That’s us,” he said.

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