Canada’s sports minister calls on hockey leaders at summit to “step up”

Hockey Canada took center stage in what Qualtrough’s predecessor, Pascale St-Onge, called Canada’s safe sport crisis last year when it emerged that the organization was settling a lawsuit with a woman who alleged she was gang-raped by members of the 2018 world junior men’s team. .hockey team at a gala event.

These accusations have not been proven in court. This furore was fueled further by the revelation that part of the petty hockey registration fee was used to settle the lawsuit.

Hockey Canada’s leaders were called to the carpet in Ottawa. Federal funding for the organization is suspended until it is determined no public funds will be used to settle lawsuits.

The president and CEO left the organization and the entire board of directors was replaced.

New board chairman Hugh Fraser, new president and CEO Katherine Henderson, abuse survivor Sheldon Kennedy, university researcher Teresa Fowler, Vancouver Canucks assistant general manager Emilie Castonguay, hockey expert Melody Davidson, agent Bayne Pettinger and White People as Full Diversity Partners together founder Bill Proudman joins Qualtrough on the list of summit speakers.

All Hockey Canada provincial and territorial members, the Canadian Junior Hockey League, the Canadian Hockey League, the American Hockey League, the NHL, the International Ice Hockey Federation, and the new Women’s Professional Hockey League indicated representatives would attend the summit, said Hockey Canada head of operations Pat McLaughlin .

“They’re the ones who are good at hockey, so stepping up and doing the job is a high-level message,” said Qualtrough.

“You need to show courageous leadership, put faith back in the system, and everyone pays attention to that and we have to do this right. Everyone deserves a safe, welcoming and inclusive sporting experience.”

He also wanted to convey the importance of actions must be supported by words.

“If people don’t have the confidence to file a complaint, and that the complaint will be investigated quickly, that the community will be safe in the process, then that undermines all the work well done,” he said.

“Meeting rooms need to know that as quickly as you can take a step forward, it can be undermined if you don’t do the things that really matter, but do the little things right.”

The Heritage standing committee unanimously passed a motion in March demanding that Hockey Canada provide a final report from the independent law firm hired to investigate allegations involving the 2018 junior team.

The amendment to the motion requires that the report be viewed first by the committee’s legal officer, who will edit names for privacy purposes.

Qualtrough was not aware of the status of the report, but said he intended to discuss it with Hockey Canada’s board during a summit.

This Canadian Press report was first published on September 8, 2023.

Donna Spencer, Canadian Press

Canada’s new Minister of Sport said he was not ready to credit Hockey Canada for changing its culture and sports culture. Minister for Sport and Physical Activity, Carla Qualtrough speaks to the media during Canada’s training session at the Women’s World Cup in Melbourne, Australia, Sunday, July 30, 2023. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Victoria Adkins


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