Canadian duo Bob Moses repeats collaboration with Vintage Culture on new single

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After the success of Desire, a song released in 2020, Canadian electronic duo Bob Moses teamed up again with Brazilian DJ Vintage Culture to release another song. New Love (Remix) is the new single from the album Silence Between, the third from North America.

Even before the release of the remix version, Brand New Love was already a success, reaching first place on North American radio. “We knew from the start that this song was going to be special and potentially a single,” Bob Moses said in an interview with Correio. “Love brand new is the right amount of “bubblegum”, with the right amount of legal production”, the Canadian definition.

For the duo, part of the song’s success is due to the listener’s identification with the composition. “People have identified with the lyrics. The song is about being young and wild and free, all the things we weren’t able to do for the last two years because of the pandemic.”

“It’s like falling in love with the world again and experiencing everything as if it were new. It’s a triumphant and happy song, and people need it right now.” “We drive west and back east / There’s no emotion we can’t find,” sings the new Love.

Consolidating the success once and for all, North America invited Brazilian Vintage Culture to produce a new version of the single. “The Love Brand New remix is ​​a great ballad,” said partner Bob Moses. “This song has the energy there and is a great version of the original,” the duo said.

Expanding his horizons beyond electronic music, Canadian Bob Moses revealed that the song was once influenced by alternative rock artists such as Nine-Inch Nails. “We’ve always played with this combination, bringing together electronic and alternative music, electronic guitar and drums or drum kit and synth. We really like to mix organic and digital, human versus machine,” say the musicians. “Mixing like that is exciting and inspiring for those of us who are part of the Bob Moses voice. We’re excited to see where this will take us next.”

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