Canadian football influences future generations

Team Canada beat Jamaica 4-0 on Sunday, sending them into the World Cup for the first time in 36 years.

Football fans in Regina gather to cheer their team to victory and absorb inspiration.

George Floros who is manager at The Lobby said business is booming

“When we play a game we have a lot of spectators for it and that’s the reason we see more people coming for the game,” said Floros.

According to football fans, Canada was long awaited for the birth of the World Cup.

“Seeing how this team is developing in this country is amazing,” said John Mitchell.

With the men’s and women’s teams exceeding expectations, influence has gone into the youth teams.

Sophia Montenegro plays in Regina’s Under-15 team and cites Christine Sinclair as one of her role models.

“He is one of the top scorers and never gives up and I want to be like that one day,” said Montenegro.

Regina FC technical director Kevin Holness said local talent had played a major role in playing children’s football.

“There’s a lot of local talent playing for the national team,” Holness said. “I think it inspires our young athletes to really believe in true destiny and to make it there one day.”

Being able to watch his idol play on television has motivated Montenegro to pursue his dream.

“Sinclair did a lot of the work himself and that’s how he developed more,” said Montenegro. “That’s something I considered during my training, which is to train harder than anyone else.”

Coaches have noticed the impact international players have on their own players.

“A Canadian player making international, it gives them the confidence to know they can do it too if they work hard and anything is possible,” said Max Montenegro who coaches the Under-15s at Regina FC.

As Canada prepares for the World Cup in November, they are under the tutelage of future generations.

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