Carlos França should be selected as ambassador to Canada

Former chancellor Bolsonaro is one of the choices the Itamaraty has finalized, also including posts in India, Israel and France

President’s Government Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva (PT) makes the first choice for Brazilian embassy holders. The names were closed by the team of Minister Mauro Vieira (Foreign Relations). HI Power360 found that there are 13 embassy definitions.

The top choice is Carlos França, who was Minister of Foreign Affairs at Jair Bolsonaro (PL). He should be selected as the Brazilian ambassador in Ottawa, the capital of Canada. This is a very important position in Brazil’s diplomatic relations.

France’s choice will contrast with what Minister Ernesto Araújo, France’s predecessor in Bolsonaro’s government, did in 2020. He sent Vieira to Zagreb, Croatia’s capital. Vieira had been a minister Dilma Rousseff (PT). He returned to the office with Lula. French wanted by Power360. He said he was on vacation and denied knowing the definition of his name for Ottawa.

This should be some early indication:

  • Adriano Pucci – Manama (Bahrain)
  • Alan Coelho de Sellos – Muscat (Oman)
  • Antonio Patriota – London, England)
  • Carlos France – Ottawa (Canada)
  • Fernando Pimentel – Doha, Qatar)
  • Fernando Simas Magalhães – The Hague (Netherlands)
  • Frederick Meyer – Tel Aviv (Israel)
  • Irene Vida Gala – Rabat (Morocco)
  • Joao Genesio de Almeida – Lima, Peru)
  • Kenneth da Nobrega – New Delhi (India)
  • Maria Luisa Viotti – Washington (USA)
  • Ricardo Neiva Tavares – Paris, France)
  • Ronaldo Costa – Canberra (Australia)

Patriota was Minister of Foreign Affairs from 2011 to 2013, in the Dilma Rousseff government. He was ambassador to Italy from 2016 to 2019. In Bolsonaro’s government, he was ambassador in Cairo (Egypt). This is an irrelevant position in diplomacy, like Vieira’s position in Croatia.

After the Itamaraty, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, makes a choice, the names of the diplomats must be approved by the Senate. Sérgio Danese was announced as Brazil’s representative at the United Nations (United Nations), in New York. It also has to go through the Senate.

For the Itamaraty secretariat, the following names must be chosen:

  • Secretariat for Latin America and the Caribbean – Gisela Padovan
  • Secretariat for Europe and North America – Maria Luisa Escorel
  • Secretariat for Africa and the Middle East – Carlos Duarte
  • Secretariat for Asia and the Pacific – Eduardo Savoy
  • Economic and Finance Secretariat – Mauricio Lyrio
  • Commercial Promotion Secretariat, Science, Technology, Innovation and Culture – Rodrigo Azeredo
  • Secretariat for Brazilian Community and Consular and Legal Affairs – Leonardo Gorgulho
  • Secretary for Climate, Energy and Environment – André Correa do Lago
  • Administrative Management Secretariat – Fatimah Ishitani
  • Multilateral Political Secretariat – Glivania Oliveira

Gorgulho, Ishitani and Saboia have occupied this position and must be maintained.

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