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Samantha Weinstein in ‘Carrie, the Stranger’ (2013) / Photo: Reproduction

Samantha Weinstein in ‘Carrie, the Stranger’ (2013) / Photo: Reproduction

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Actress Samantha Weinstein, from ‘Carrie, the Strange’ (2013), has died at the age of 28 after a two-and-a-half year battle with ovarian cancer.

The Canadian star died on May 14 in a hospital in Toronto, Canada. This information was reported by Global News and Daily Mail this Wednesday (24).

“Sam is truly the living embodiment of sunshine,” says his father, David Weinstein. “She was so full of positive energy that anyone who knew her would say she just lights up every room she walks in.”

According to her father, since her diagnosis, the young woman has decided to enjoy life and travel the world.

“The thing that really struck me last week is that everyone I spoke to said he changed their life,” said Jojo Tindall-Weinstein, the actress’ mother.

Apart from ‘Carrie the Stranger’, which was a remake of the 1976 original, Samantha appeared in films such as ‘The Cradle of Life’ (2011) and ‘Haunted by the Past’ (2013). He also had roles in series like ‘Copper’ (2012), ‘Alias ​​​​​​Grace’ (2017) and ‘O Peso da Verdade’ (2020).

Samantha has been acting since she was six years old and, in the last weeks of her life, she did voiceover work for animations, such as ‘Mittens & Pants’ and ‘Dino Ranch’, even in the midst of her illness.

Samantha is survived by her husband, Michael, whom she married in October last year, and her sister, Sabrina.

On her Instagram profile, fans pay tribute to the young woman. “Sam is a shining light. It was an honor to meet him,” wrote one. “You will be missed. The world needs more people like you,” said another. “This really breaks my heart. Sending so much love to all Sam’s family and friends,” the user commented.

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