CBC reboots Street Cents for a new generation

Anisha Joshi, Creo Walters, Carley Thorne, and Mercedes Gaztambide are among the cast of Street Cents, now available on TikTok. (CBC)

Led by a group of dynamic content creators, ROAD sen back in a new format.

Targeted at teenagers, a new version of the beloved youth brand has been launched on tik tok . The focus is on making financial literacy useful, relatable and entertaining using daily short-form video content.

Mon Street is an iconic Canadian brand and we are excited to introduce it to a new generation on a new platform,” said Sally Catto, General Manager, Entertainment, Factual & Sports, CBC.

Mon Street Framing financial literacy in a fun and age-appropriate context helps make money making sense for teens. This is the first launch of CBC’s original content series on TikTok, and we’ve brought a great team of content creators who speak with authenticity and credibility to a teen audience.”

Mercedes Gaztambide, Anisha Joshi, Carley Thorne and i think walters is the collective face of SEN STREET. They will be busy making various short comedy and journalistic video content every day.

Together, they will inspire critical thinking about spending, saving, and earning.

In addition to the core team, guest contributors will provide a more diverse perspective on the types of finance questions and topics that are important to youth.

The Street Cents cast in the early ’90s included Brian Heighton, Benita Ha, Anna Dirksen, and Jonathan Torrens. (CBC Photo Collection)

With TikTok as the main platform, STREET CENT will connect directly with its audience to act on feedback and react to trends, offering a space for teens to feel heard while being entertained. The content will also be reused for other platforms, including Instagram and YouTube.

STREET CENT will follow in the footsteps of the award-winning 1990s/early 2000s TV series of the same title while remaining rooted in authentic facts and journalism, while embracing a curious, critical, and humorous point of view.

STREET CENTS TikTok handle is @streetcents

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