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Photo: Reproduction/Instagram @theroyalfamily/Reproduction/Private Archive

As well as actively participating in the lavish role of the British crown for supplying the aquamarine that adorns some of the world’s most luxurious gems Queen Elizabeth II handing over to his successors, the archives that record condolences for the departure of the king who died at the age of 96 will also bear the little foot of Espírito Santo – or rather, the signature of Espírito Santo.

It is because Pedro Permuy Columnwho wasn’t stupid or anything, discovered that a businessman from Vitória signed a condolence book for the death mother of King Charles III while visiting the Canadian Prime Minister’s home in ottawa.

Photo: Play/Instagram @theroyalfamily

The funeral procession takes place in London, England

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Ivan Ruy said that participating in the historical record was a pleasant surprise.

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“We went to visit the gardens of the prime minister’s house and when we entered we realized that a room on the property was dedicated to the queen”, he explained.

Photo: Play/Instagram @theroyalfamily

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He continued: “There, there is a book for people to leave their condolences”. “There was a huge line of Canadians who were there to sign the book and it was a nice surprise to be there at the time,” the state’s top tourism agency told this columnist.

Photo: Reproduction/Private Archive

Photo: Reproduction/Private Archive

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Ivan replied Victory sheet while traveling by ship to Alaska, as a continuation of his international voyage.

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Photo: Play/Instagram @theroyalfamily

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