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Rain returns and state still faces flooding | RIO PARDO TOWN HALL

The rain is returning to Rio Grande do Sul. The arrival of a cold front has made the weather unsettled with rain over the past several hours in part of the state, particularly in cities in the southern half. Late Monday morning, rain reached several parts of southern Rio Grande do Sul and some places in the west of the state.

MetSul Meteorologia forecasts indicate that for the next few hours, between the afternoon and evening of this Monday, instability will progress throughout the state, but the distribution of precipitation is expected to be irregular. It is therefore not expected to rain today in all localities in Rio Grande do Sul.

In Porto Alegre, for example, the weather change began this morning with sun and clouds accompanied by gusts of wind. Rain cannot be ruled out until the end of the day in the capital, but the weather will be more unstable and with a greater probability of rain tomorrow.

With a bubble of warm air in central South America and low pressure, instability will be trapped in the state and receive energy from tropical air that will form isolated storms throughout this week.

There will be successive formation of zones of instability with intervals of improvement with the sun and the heatwave. Rain is expected every day this week in the state, which doesn’t mean it will rain all the time in every city at the same time, nor is every place in the state expected to have rain every day this week.

Accumulated precipitation this week will in some places reach the historical average precipitation for the entire month. Marks close to and above 100 mm are expected in several cities in western, central and southern Rio Grande do Sul, with 150 mm to 200 m in some and even more than 200 mm in isolated areas, with a risk of flooding and worsening. river floods. The maps below show precipitation projections for this week from the German (Icon), European (ECMWF) and Canadian (CMC) models.

The accumulated rains in Rio Grande do Sul until the end of the morning amounted to 38 mm in Jaguarão, 32 mm in Rio Grande and 30 mm in Capão do Leão, according to the stations of the National Institute of Meteorology. At the end of the morning, they indicated 67 mm in Pedro Osório, 39 mm in Capão do Leão, 36 mm in Arroio Grande, 26 mm in Pelotas and 25 mm in Canguçu.

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