Check which team can guarantee a place in the World Cup on this FIFA Date – 23/03/2022

On this FIFA Date, which takes place at the end of March, 34 teams from different parts of the world are embroiled in a direct bid for a place in the 2022 World Cup. See, below, everything about the main qualifying match.

South America

With an imminent end South America qualifiers, Ecuador, Uruguay, Peru, Chile e Colombia can still compete in the Qatar World Cup. Brazil e Argentinain turn, is guaranteed.

Of the remaining two places, Ecuador stands out, who have 25 points, occupy 3rd place, facing Paraguay who were already knocked out in the penultimate round and very close to the Cup – having four points more than the Peru National Team. With 22, Uruguay are in 4th place and close the immediate classification zone, while the team led by Ricardo Gareca are in repechage and visit celeste in a decisive confrontation.

On the other hand, Chile (19) and Colombia (17) are still likely to secure direct seats, with the former visiting Brazil, and the latter securing seats. Boliviawho has a mathematical probability of going to repechage – with 15 points, he must win his two games to finish fifth. Paraguay e Venezuelathe last two in the table, will not go to World.

See also, last round matches (all on 29/03, 20:30 GMT):

Peru vs Paraguay

Venezuela vs Colombia

Bolivia vs Brazil

Chile vs Uruguay

Ecuador vs Argentina


In European qualification, 11 national teams are fighting for the three spots, the match of which will take place on March 29. only Poland guaranteed in the final, as Russiahis opponent, was expelled by FIFA as a result of the conflict in Ukraine.

Highlight for the key of C, which can assemble Italy e Portugal, leaving one of them, of course, out of the Cup. Semi-final singles matches, alternately, will be played this Thursday, with the exception of Scotland vs Ukraine, which was postponed.

Check out the decisive European match:

Group A: Wales/Austria v Scotland/Ukraine (no date set yet)

Group B: Poland vs Sweden/Czech Republic

Group C: Portugal/Turkey vs Italy/North Macedonia


Already in African qualification, ten teams face each other head-to-head for five places in the World Cup. The first legs will be played on March 25, while the return matches will take place on March 29.

Emphasis on comparison between Egypt e Senegal, which pitted Africa Cup of Nations finalists and stars Mohamed Salah and Sadio Mané together. On the other hand, the two related teams that normally compete in the World Cup have been eliminated: Costa do Marfim and South Africa.

Check out the five defining matches of the African continent:

Egypt vs Senegal

Cameroon vs Algeria

Ghana vs Nigeria

Democratic Republic of the Congo vs Morocco

Mali x Tunisia


In asian qualification, Will e South Korea occupy the top two positions in group A and have already secured a place in the World Cup. In third place, seeking presence in the fourth continental phase, the United Arab Emirates (9 points), Lebanon (6) and Iraq (5) still have a mathematical chance of progressing.

In key B, three teams fight for a direct place. THAT Saudi Arabia lead, with 19 points, and have one more than Japan. Com 15, a Australia took third place and accepted Japan in a direct confrontation.

Also check out the latest duel in Asia (29/03):

Group A:

Iran vs Lebanon

United Arab Emirates vs South Korea

Syria vs Iraq

Group B:

japan vs vietnam

Oman vs China

Saudi Arabia vs Australia


leader of Concacaf Qualification, Canada is unbeaten after 11 games and can guarantee a straight return to this week’s World Cup even with a loss. The team played in Worlds only once, in 1986.

Canada has 25 points – four more than United States of America, which must qualify for Qatar. With the same score, Mexico also close, while Panamawhich adds up to 17 points, and Costa Rica (16) run out. A place in repechage, however, is a perfectly plausible reality for both.

Check out the main matches of the Concacaf last round:

Round 12 (24/03):

Panama x Honduras

Mexico x United States

Costa Rica x Canada

Round 13 (27/03):

Canada x Jamaica

El Salvador x Costa Rica

United States x Panama

Honduras x Mexico

Round 14 (30/03):

Costa Rica x United States

Mexico x El Salvador

Panama x Canada


Finally, it needs to be said that Oceania Qualification still in their early stages at the moment. Due to the pandemic, all matches were played in Qatar on short notice, with the final scheduled for March 30.

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