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China has asked Canadian authorities to stop the export of pork to the country after the discovery of fake health certificates from veterinarians.

FULL STOP: Pork sent from Canada with fake health certificates was stopped in China. Now the Chinese authorities have stopped importing meat from the country.
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Canadian police have launched an investigation following the notification from the Chinese Embassy in Ottawa. Following the discovery in China of an illegal additive in meat from Canada, false papers relating to the exported meat were discovered.

Up to 188 cases of false papers were detected sent through official Canadian channels for export.

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– In order to protect the safety of Chinese consumers, China has put in place preventive measures and is asking Canadian authorities to temporarily suspend the issuance of certificates for the export of meat to China from June 25, reads in the letter from the embassy.

The Canadian Federal Police will investigate the case and determine if there is something criminal behind the false papers. The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) says it has discovered a problem with fake export certificates.

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Earlier in June, China’s state-run Xinhua news agency reported the discovery of the additive ractopamine in Canadian pork, a growth-promoting substance widely used in the United States, Canada and Mexico, but banned in many other countries, including China.

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