Class struggle finds Freedom Convoy 2022

Censored But Not Stopped! The Canadian 2022 Truckers Freedom Convoy filed a lawsuit and turned the donation site into GiveSendGo!

Unique action 2022 Independence Convoy carried out by trailer drivers in Canada and which has set a world record for the number of cars in a convoy, is one of the most important class battles taking place in North America today.

Therefore, we have requested coverage of the campaign from newspapers with a proud name Class struggle. The campaign starts on January 15th and reaches Ottawa on January 29th, so there is plenty of time to talk about it. But there’s not much to trace yet Class struggle column.

That changed on February 8, 2022. After about three weeks of silence, the newspaper came up with this article:

And not a little corner in the interesting class newspaper. Avisa has found, not a truck driver, but a political scientist, Marc Lanteigne, to characterize the actions of great workers. We reproduce several quotes:

– So far, Canada has not had right-wing populism like the United States and Europe, he said, pointing out that the far-right Canadian People’s Party did not win a single seat in last September’s parliamentary election.

– Now we see that people in Canada are also vulnerable to misinformation and fake news, he said, pointing out that the vaccine requirement for drivers who have to drive across the border affects only a few.

The Canadian Trucking Alliance, which distanced itself from the demonstrations, estimates that 85 percent of truck drivers have been vaccinated.

Nevertheless, it has been used to garner support for the “enough is enough” slogan and has created a cascade in which various groups have hurled themselves. The outside right, anti-government forces, even the separatists who want an independent Quebec. This has nothing to do with the pandemic, but they are using it as an argument that the Canadian state is not functioning and that they should have their own state, Lanteigne said.

He thought the whole thing was a “scary example of a chain reaction” in which all sorts of dubious powers threw themselves.

The class struggle adds its own share

It was also reported that much of the money collected came from overseas and anonymous sources.

People in downtown Ottawa are desperate for the distractions of daily life and the noise from the demonstrations.

A lawyer has taken the case to court and said the truck honked with warning horns all the time, at a volume between 105 and 125 decibels.

And the political scientist concluded

Authorities in Ottawa reported that they had used all of their police officers, that there was an influx of reports, and that they needed support from other authorities. Trudeau has warned that it is irrelevant to use the military.

– It might be difficult to move these big trucks by force. The large number of people can also make it difficult for police to deal with, Lanteigne points out, but points out that there is criticism from indigenous peoples that police practice double standards, where indigenous demonstrations against oil pipelines have been met. tougher action than what is happening now.

So there is class newspaper finally put the cupboard in its place.

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