Confirmed! Brazil will again require visas for travelers from Australia, Canada and the Americas in 2024

As we announced in March this year, Brazil will once again require entry visas for citizens with passports from three countries: Australia, Canada and the United States. The measure will come into force from January 10, 2024.

Communique from Itamaraty

The Brazilian government, in an official statement from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, emphasized that it would again require visas for Australian, Canadian and American citizens.

In May this year, MRE started negotiations with the three countries and Japan so that the same exemptions that were implemented since June 2019 for nationals of the four countries will also apply to Brazilian citizens entering their territory.

In the first announcement, it was informed that Brazil would ask for visas again from October 1, 2023. Now, Itamaraty informed that the resumption of document requirements for the three countries has a new start date: January 10, 2023. 2024.

Exception for Japan

When we announced in March the return of visa requirements for US, Canadian and Australian citizens, Japan was also on the list. However, with the recent mutual exclusion agreement, the country was removed from the list.

The measure will apply to entries up to 90 days from September 30, 2023.


According to Itamaraty, this decision refers to the principle of reciprocity. This principle is widely used in international law and stipulates that all states have the same rights and obligations towards each other, and there is no hierarchy between them. Therefore, the most common practice is for a country to only grant visa exemption to foreigners from countries that also grant visa exemption to its nationals.

Since 2019, Brazil has deviated from this practice by offering unilateral exemptions for these countries, even as Australia, Canada and the United States require visas for those with Brazilian passports. The move announced today comes after the MRE consulted with these countries regarding the possibility of securing such an exemption for Brazilian nationals.

The official statement you can read Here.

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