Conservative leadership: Peter MacKay ruled out second round

TORONTO — Peter MacKay announced on social media late Saturday that he will not bid again for the leadership of the Conservative Party.

“I know that it takes great commitment to meet the demands of leadership and I admire those who are willing to step forward and serve our country in that way,” he said. said in a Facebook post.

MacKay cited his desire to be around his family, as well as the huge campaign debt he accumulated from his failed campaign to become Conservative leader in 2020.

“I continue to repay my campaign debt from the 2020 leadership campaign, resulting from unforeseen circumstances. Also, I am deeply grateful to those who continue to assist me with that task and work to resolve that debt,” MacKay said.

MacKay held various cabinet positions during Stephen Harper’s tenure as Prime Minister, including Minister of Justice, Minister of National Defense and Secretary of State, and served as a member of the Nova Scotia parliament until 2015.

Prior to that, he was the leader of the now-defunct Canadian Progressive Conservative Party until it merged with Harper’s Canadian Alliance and formed the Canadian Conservative Party.

Four Candidates are currently in the race to replace past leader Erin O’Toole, including Ottawa region MP Pierre Poilievre and former Quebec Prime Minister Jean Charest.

Newbie lawmaker and future leader Leslyn Lewis has also launched another campaign for the party’s top job, as well as Ontario independent lawmaker Roman Baber. Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown is also expected to launch his campaign on Sunday.

With files from The Canadian Press.

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