Conservative leadership race: debate confirmed

The Canadian Conservative Party lead candidates will face each other in their first debate on May 11, then again on May 25, with the potential to face each other in August as well.

The campaign was notified last week that the official English debate would be held in Edmonton, while the official French debate would take place in Montreal, both at 8 p.m. EST.

The party’s Leadership Election Organizing Committee (LEOC) stated in their memorandum that they “reserve to add a third debate in early August.”

Topics will be sent to candidates one week before each debate. LEOC rules stipulate that candidates are required to attend all official debates.

“We look forward to a passionate but respectful discourse, and thank all candidates for putting their name forward to benefit our Party, and all Canadians,” the memorandum read.

Candidates have until April 19 to declare their candidacy. As in the 2020 leadership race, the entry fee is $200,000, in addition to a $100,000 compliance deposit.

The deadline for registering members is June 3, with the party scheduled to elect a new leader on September 10.

To date, a long list of contenders have announced their intention to run, including MPs Pierre Poilievre, Leslyn Lewis, and Scott Aitchison, former Quebec prime minister Jean Charest, and Brampton Mayor Patrick Brown.

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