Consult PIS by telephone; see simple step by step

Consult PIS by phone – The Social Integration Program (PIS) currently benefits thousands of formal workers, who annually receive salary bonuses. On this date (28/02), Guia do Ex-Negativado published the main tips on this issue.

Consult PIS by phone

before trying consult with PIS by telephone, it is important to emphasize that the right to salary bonuses is guaranteed only for legally formalized workers. As a result, a PIS registration is created, for which the contracting company makes a monthly contribution to the Workers Support Fund (FAT), which guarantees benefits.

Being entitled to a salary bonus, it is possible to consult with PIS on the telephone number 0800 726 0207, which is one of Caixa Cidadão’s service lines. To be able to perform the service, you must know the days and hours of operation.

  • Monday to Friday: from 8 am to 9 pm;
  • Saturday: from 10 am to 4 pm.

The channel offers all the necessary information about PIS and workers will still be able to overcome their doubts about the program.

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How to know if you are entitled to PIS

Consult PIS by phone – Photo: Canva

In order to receive PIS payments, workers, even formalized ones, must meet several criteria for bonuses:

Employed on a formal contract for a minimum period of five years;
Has worked at least thirty days prior to the annual PIS payment date;
Receive up to two minimum wages;
Registered with PIS or Pasep.

How to find out the PIS number?

When registered with PIS, residents can and should consult with them to check the registration number. This information may be needed at some point and workers need to know where to find it. Therefore, for consultation on PIS numbers, it is possible to hold conferences in various ways such as:

By telephone, through the number 0800 726 0207;
On the work card, listed on the first page of the document;
On the Citizen Card submitted by Caixa;
In the FGTS statement;
Via the CNIS website;
Digital Work Portfolio;
At any Federal branch of Caixa Econômica.

How to know when PIS is out?

Workers who have met the criteria for receiving the PIS salary allowance will be able to check when payments are due through the payment schedule for the current year. The calendar is released on the Federal Government website, but can also be consulted via the digital Work Card app (available for Android and iOS).

In addition, workers will also receive information on how much they will receive according to their working period.

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