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There are more than 150 vacancies offered by 17 companies. The information will be conveyed by the deputy consul of Canada, Sarah Sanchez

(From Crea-PE)

Pernambuco is a launching pad for important job opportunities for male and female engineers from all over Brazil. Canadian deputy consul and prospecting and promotion adviser at the Quebec Office in São Paulo, Sarah Sanchez, announced a job opportunity fair, with the participation of 17 companies, offering options in various engineering fields, with more than 150 vacancies available. He will provide information on Crea Convida this Tuesday (23), with the theme Job Opportunities for Engineers in Québec.

Sarah Sanchez will provide details on Journées Québec Engineering and the technical position. The recruitment mission, organized with the city of Montréal’s economic development agency, Montréal International, arrived with vacancies for professionals in manufacturing, engineering, and engineering. There are vacancies for civil construction, mechanical, electrical, production, mining, chemical, hydraulic. Recruitment is conducted by both private and public companies in Québec. To compete for vacancies, it is enough to register on the online platform. Applications are open until September 25. There are still opportunities in the technical field. At Crea Convida, the deputy consul promised to explain how interested engineers can apply and participate in the selection of vacancies.

Still in the live broadcast, civil engineer Paula Lima will participate. He has lived in Québec since 2015. He brings his 10 years of experience as a civil engineer to Brazil, where he worked on the renovation of the Governador Magalhães Pinto (Mineirão) Stadium for the 2013 Confederations Cup and 2014 World Cup, on the construction of a Velodrome for the 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, in addition to participating in the construction of large shopping centers in several cities in Brazil.

The engineer was successfully recognized by the Order of Engineers of Québec (OIQ) in 2016. After two years working for a private metal structures company in Québec, he is now a structural engineer at the Québec Ministry of Transport (MTQ). A highlight for professionals who have successfully confined their territory to a male-dominated work environment, where only 14% of OIQ members are women.

The live broadcast will also feature the participation of civil engineer and president of Crea-PE, Adriano Lucena. He will be a debater at Crea Convida this Tuesday (23). “This job offer demonstrates the qualifications of an engineer from Pernambuco, Brazil. Our engineering is state-of-the-art, our university trains excellent professionals. So much so that Canada, a first world country, is looking for our workforce. And the action opens up space not only for professionals, but for the whole family. So he can stay there, tie his tie. This is recognition and a great opportunity”, stressed Adriano Lucena.

This will be Lucena’s second contact with Sarah Sanchez. This is because, in June, he participated in a meeting with the president of Crea-PE, when he presented Canada’s, more specifically Quebec’s, intentions in hiring Brazilian professionals to work there. Canadian provinces have job opportunities in several fields, besides engineering.

Crea-PE is the first council on engineering on the agenda of the Quebec Office in São Paulo to forge partnerships that will allow not only to qualify the potential workforce for work in Quebec.

Among the highlights of working in Canada are the benefits of health care that is 100% government financed. The university is funded by the government, but fees are passed on to students. Québec has the cheapest universities in Canada and the United States. There is a difference in fees between local and foreign students. However, according to information from Sarah Sánchez during her visit, there will be a reduction in grades for foreign students starting next year for certain courses.

The deputy consul highlighted that engineers working in Québec, for example, could bring their spouses and children, who would be able to attend public schools, with the possibility of having an open work visa. The government pays for French language courses, which already exist in Brazil, for those who are recruited and are in the process of obtaining visas to move there. In Québec, immigrants can learn French for free, in addition to receiving an allowance of up to Canadian dollars 200 per week.

Engineering is a sector that has many professional possibilities, especially information technology. Incidentally, the country is severely understaffed, which is why this campaign is aimed at attracting professionals from various fields.

Québec has a population of over 8.5 million. It is the country’s largest province and the only one whose official language is French. It has a strong economy, where the unemployment rate is very low and the work environment is very good. The latest projections predict 1.5 million vacancies will be opened in the next five years and 20% of them will be filled by foreign talent.

For job opportunities in Canada for engineers, just follow Crea Convida on Tuesday (23), starting at 19.00. The event will be virtual, broadcast live on Crea-PE TV, on YouTube. After Sarah Sanchez’s presentation, a room will be opened for questions from participants that can be asked via YouTube chat.

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