Crop Tour Grupo Labhoro and Notícias Agrícolas ends the expedition expecting a smaller harvest of soybeans and corn in the US

In the US alone, the team traveled more than three thousand kilometers through the country’s main producing states, noting extremely high temperatures, lack of rainfall, crop irregularities, and compromised productive potential. View videos and photos of the entire route!

After more than 3500 km traveling through fields in North America, in addition to 1700 km through Canada, the Grupo Labhoro + Notícias Agrícolas Crop Tour team discovered all types of soybean and maize crops, with different productivity potentials in the two cultures. The report also marked extremely hot and dry days, with almost no rain throughout the American Midwest region. Therefore, despite the irregularity, the current estimate is that the final yield figures for soybean and maize are actually lower than the USDA’s most recent estimates.

Plants at Cedar Bluff

Plants at Bennett

Plants in Frank

“Eastern states like Ohio and Indiana did very well, Illinois had good, bad and average yields. Missouri has a very poor yield, Iowa also has a poor and moderate share. In Nebraska, there are some difficulties, where there is no irrigation. the problems are and will continue to be, as yields are on the fine line. In South Dakota, the crops are so good, there’s nothing to complain about. In Minnesota, the yield is also divided. The north is very good, the south – the split is close to Iowa, suffering a lot”, details Labhoro director, Ginaldo Sousa.

In this way, the Crop Tour team’s expectation is lower productivity than the previous estimate by the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) of 57.04 sacks per hectare (50.9 bushels per hectare).

Plants in Hana

Plants in Ohio City

The rural producer from Guaíra/SP, Gustavo Santana, gave further details on the report, saying that there are still crops that require more rainfall, others that end their cycle at less potential, or slightly earlier than the ideal time, and also the perfect plant. plant. “Of course, the average will determine. We will only know the average when this crop is actually harvested. But this is amazing land, really good productive potential, something I’ve never seen before. So, maybe this productivity will still be close to 50 bushels per hectare,” he said.

Plants in Arlington

plants in jackson

Plants at Midway

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